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Kristoff Fine China

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Wawel is getting a new name. Our china will be transitioning to the new name, Kristoff Fine Porcelain.  The new name reflects its origins as a German china manufacturer. The name Wawel (pronounced vah’vull) invokes the images of a romantic 11th century castle in the city of Krakow, Poland. The manufacturer has survived many changes over its long history but the quality of its products has endured through time. Wawel Castle, 16th century
Kristoff china has been made in the same factory, in what is present-day Poland, since 1831. At that time, the region was a part of Silesia, Germany. It was then that Carl Krister began the manufacture of china tableware and gave his name to the company, Krister Porzellan Manufaktur. Krzystof Factory, 1876
Krister’s high quality products earned it a place of honor in the china tableware industry. In 1921, the company became part of the Bavarian Rosenthal consortium. In 1945, the region came under Polish rule and the name of the company was changed to Krzysztof (which is the Polish equivalent to the German name - Krister or the English name - Christian). The Wawel brand name was launched in 1953 and is being changed to Kristoff.  With state of the art technology, they now have the best of both worlds - old world quality and tradition and the ability to produce high quality china in our ever-changing global market.

Tea With Grace offers Kristoff fine china tea sets, dinnerware, and a full line of serving pieces in five patterns:

Rose Garden Violet Elegance Rose Bouquet Christmas Berry

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The oldest pattern we carry is Rose Garden, which was first produced in 1936.