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White Bavarian Style Rectangular Lungo Cup Set


Weight 3.20 lbs
Item # 11502
Manufacturer Maryland China
Retail Price: $51.99
Our Price: $35.96


Your guests will rave about this uniquely-shaped cup and saucer.  The base of this five ounce cup and the saucer are rectangular in shape while the rim of the cup is round. A beautifully embossed scroll pattern gives this cup and saucer duo a memorable design.  The 5.25 inch wide saucer is just large enough to hold a sweet treat to go with your tea or Lungo. Cup stands 2.75 inches tall.  A Nespresso Lungo (5.0 ounce) will just fit in this cup without any half and half or whipped cream. (If using for Lungo, save a bit  out to fit your cream.) Matches White Porcelain Rectangular Dessert Plate. Set of four cups and saucers.