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Ahmad Tea

Ahmad Tea
Ahmad Tea of London is known as the World's Most Exclusive Tea. Enjoy this premium tea yourself or send it as a gift. Try a traditional English tea or a fruit flavored black tea. You can choose between tea bags and loose tea in charming tins. Collectors will love the tea tins from Ahmad Tea because each tin depicts a beautiful English scene. Foil-wrapped tea bags retain their freshness and rich flavor. You'll savor each cup, reminiscent of a simpler, genteel era.


Ahmad Tea English Tea No. 1 Heritage Caddy - 25 Teabags

Decorative tin. 50 g.



Ahmad Tea Britannia Tea Tin Collection

2.6 oz. Set of three iconic British tea tins.



Ahmad Tea London Collection

60 g. Three boxes containing 10 teabags each: Earl Grey, English Breakfast and English Afternoon.



Ahmad Tea Westminster English Breakfast Tea Caddy

Decorative tin. 40 g.